Integral program

Building systems that generate marketing and sales results

For coffee and chocolate cooperatives and associations

In the year 2021

There are 437 million people connected to the internet in Latin America

75% of users use Facebook and YouTube

267 million Latin Americans shop online

255% is the growth of retail ecommerce

Still don't see results selling online?

You have the right product, you have always sold it through your contacts and you can say with total certainty that your market wants it.

But what happened when you invested in social networks and only the same old friends responded to your offers?

How did you react when you created a virtual store, but very few understood how to pay?

It's time to build a system that helps you connect with potential coffee and chocolate buyers, win their preference, while closely monitoring your growth with digital analytics and productivity tools.

Don't just post a video,
send a message

Help your audience understand how your certifications improve the lives of your partners and producers, ensure the quality of your coffee, and guarantee the purity of your fine chocolates.

You will create content that answers the main questions of your customers and motivates them to buy your products.

creacion de embudo de marketing y ventas

Are you ready to create a digital experience?

In this digital marketing course you will use social networks, websites, mobile applications and all the platforms where coffee and chocolate lovers socialize to gain their trust, close a sale and get their recommendation.

Digitize your coffee using the right tools

You will learn to use online tools that help you connect with your customers, understand their tastes and motivations, and automate your responses, as well as speed up your campaigns.

From understanding your customers to projecting your next big campaign. You will discover the stack of tools you need to grow your coffee brand in Peru in this course.


downloadable resources


live class hours


We connect theory and practice through virtual tools that help you reach more potential buyers of coffee and chocolate. Reach a new goal each session and transform your brand at each stage.

Stage 1

Where we are?

Situational analysis

Monday 07 - Friday 11, March

Planning is assuming, and to increase the chances of getting your assumptions right, you will analyze your internal and external environment. You will begin to organize your social networks, means of contact and document the performance of your current marketing and sales initiatives.

Objectives of stage 1:

At the end of this stage

You will be able to carry out a comprehensive audit of your brand and understand the market position of your main competitors.

Stage 2

Where we want to be?


Monday 02 - Friday 06, May

Goals without deadlines end up becoming just dreams. Take your coffee to all your fans who don't know you yet in a calculable time, prioritizing the most important thing, creating a shopping experience.

Objectives of stage 2:

At the end of this stage

You will transform your most innovative ideas into goals and objectives. By working on the most important indicators for your brand, you will be able to understand what moves your customers and help you sell more coffee.

Stage 3

How did we reach our goal?


Monday 04 - Friday 08, July

Coffee is processed by hundreds and grown by thousands. To grow you will need a strategy that differentiates you and makes it clear what to prioritize and what to simply ignore. The definitive guide for your cooperative and its internal teams to make decisions aligned to a single goal.

Objectives of stage 3:

At the end of this stage

You will understand how your potential customers think and buy, you will define your value proposition and you will create a digital experience that differentiates you from your competition.

Stage 4

What do we need to grow?

Tactics and actions

Monday 05 - Friday 09, September

There are hundreds of digital marketing tactics, and before learning some of them, you will understand their fundamentals and how to identify coffee and chocolate buyers through different perspectives, techniques and methodologies.

Objectives of stage 4:

At the end of this stage

You will learn different tactics and types of campaigns to expand your audience, promote your products, close more sales and get your customers to recommend you.

Stage 5

How do we make sure we are growing?

Marketing tools and productivity management

Monday 07 - Friday 11, November

Using digital tools we will speed up your productivity and help you better understand your buyers. Get the most out of the information obtained on facebook, instagram, and your website to create campaigns that sell.

Objectives of stage 5:

At the end of this stage

You will have learned to use more than 20 digital marketing, project management and internal communication tools to reduce your work and increase your sales.

Meet your instructor

kennedy perfil

Kennedy Monzon

Inbound Marketer – Web Developer

We'll start by assuming, quickly experiment and find out what we need to sell more. Hundreds of coffee and chocolate lovers are looking for their new favorite brand right now, will it be yours?

Frequent questions

Yes. Thanks to funding from NCBA CLUSA and USAID, the School of CoopMarketing can deliver this and more digital marketing and content creation courses for Cooperatives and Agricultural Associations.

You will be able to view the recordings of each class, but you will lose the opportunity to participate in the classes, clarify current doubts and socialize your brand with the rest of the group.

At the end of each stage you will build part of a digital marketing plan that you will present after the last stage of the course.

At the end of each stage you will receive a badge that verifies that you have participated and presented the tasks and projects of the course. To obtain the certificate of completion, you will need all 5 badges and present your final project.

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